How Do Industrial Chilling Systems Work?

19 May 2017
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Used in a wide variety of applications and just about every sort of industrial building in the world, modern chilling systems work on two basic principles. These are outlined below. Working much like a domestic refrigerator, the cooling cycle is the same for both sorts of technology. Essentially, a liquid refrigerant is altered so that it becomes a gas that is located in an evaporator. Because this process of change requires energy, so heat from the local environment is absorbed. Read More 

Why Every Business Needs Custom Boxes for Their Shipping

16 May 2017
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If you frequently ship items for your business, you need to consider having custom shipping boxes made, as these can save you money on shipping and even keep items safer while in transit. Note a few features you might consider for those custom boxes, and how they can be so beneficial. Warnings Warning or instruction labels about proper handling are good to use when shipping items, and may even be legally required for certain products. Read More 

Moving The Goalposts: Should You Choose A Plastic Or Metal Frame For Your Portable Soccer Goal?

28 April 2017
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Soccer has been the most popular sport in the world for decades, and one of the secrets of its enduring popularity is how little equipment is required to play it. However, if you're after a target a little more sophisticated than the space between two piles of shirts, a portable soccer goal can be a great way to take your favourite sport on the road. However, there are an enormous variety of portable soccer goals available for purchase, and while many are made from traditional metal an increasing number of portable goals have posts manufactured from durable PVC plastic. Read More 

Improving the Water Pressure in Your Building

21 April 2017
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Some buildings enjoy a greater degree of water pressure than others. If you are located at the top of a hill, then the water pressure from the mains supply is usually weaker than if you are closer to the supply. This is because the water simply needs to be pushed further uphill from its reserve. Nevertheless, you may notice that water pressure drops unexpectedly for some reason in your premises.  Localised Water Pressure Drops Read More 

How to Decide Between Etching and Engraving for Your Business Signs

12 April 2017
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When you have a business sign created, you can typically choose to have it engraved or etched. Etching is very similar to just writing on the materials of the sign; an ink, paint, or other colouring is applied, with a type of pen that makes a thin scratch along the surface. Engraving is a bit different, in that the marking is actually gouged out of the material itself. The lettering or pictures may be pushed into the material so that they're recessed, or the material of the sign may be pushed and engraved around a mould or template, so that lettering and other images are raised up and away from the surface. Read More